Prestige Diagnostics are Raising the Bar

Find out why In-Vitro Device Distributors are coming over to Prestige Diagnostics UK

Is Your Distributor Letting You Down?

Prestige Diagnostics UK insure 100% of all its IVD Clinical Diagnostic Reagents pass QC before dispatch. That's why a record number of Clinical Diagnostic specialist distributors are coming over to Prestige Diagnostics. Manufactured here in The United Kingdom, our wide range of reagents are gathering great momentum across all continents.

WHY?... The reason is simple, we offer genuine value for money, expert advice, well-packaged reagent kits to include Clinical Chemistry, Elisa Assays, Latex Serology, Syphilis, Blood Grouping, Rapid Tests, Controls and Calibrators plus more.

Did you know... 100% of ALL our IVD Products are QC Checked Before Dispatch.

Prestige Diagnostics UK Logistics Department ship hundred's of orders every month to Europe, South America, Arrica, South East Asia, The Middle East, The Arabian Peninsula and The Far East every month. Are we supplying you yet?
Prestige Diagnostics UK Logistics Centre

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