ISE Analyser

Ion-Selective Electrode (Electrolyte Analyser) 

The ISE Electrolyte Analyser uses electric potential difference to calculate concentrations of a given ion. When a sample is tested ions diffuse to ISE membrane, a potential difference between the measuring electrode and the reference electrode is recorded. Ion concentration is calculated using the “Nernst Formula”.

The ISE analyser can detect Ion concentrations in whole blood, serum, plasma, and urine samples in just 1 minute.


The system consists of automatic 2 point calibration and potential tracking for improved stability. An advanced washing programme for reduced cross contamination and prevention of system clogging. The ISE analyser uses minimal sample volume and is designed to reduce cost.

Prestige Diagnostics ISE Analyser

Benefits and Features

Simple programming and low maintenance cost

High accuracy (gold standard for electrolyte measurement)

Analysts – Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Calcium, and pH

Compact machine - Dimensions (mm) L x W x H 380 x 270 x 400 - Net weight 8kg

  • Technical parameters:

  • Items                   Measuring Range                      Resolution                              Measuring Precision (CV%)

  • K                          0.5-20.0 mmol/L                        0.01 mmol/L                           ≤1.5%

  • Na                       15.0-200.0 mmol/L                     0.1 mmol/L                             ≤1.5%

  • Cl                        15.0-200 mmol/L                        0.1 mmol/L                             ≤1.5%

  • Ca                        0.10-6.00 mmol/L                      0.01 mmol/L                           ≤2.0%

  • PH                        4.00-9.00                                   0.1                                          ≤2.0%


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