Prestige Diagnostics UK is a leading manufacturer of In-vitro Diagnostic Reagents, Tests and Analysers. Established in 2012, our aim is to bridge the gap by offering a range of high-quality, clinical diagnostics and point of care products to our global network of specialised distributors.

In countries where Prestige Diagnostics is not as yet represented, deliveries are made directly from the company’s UK headquarters. We are committed to supplying quality products to international standards.

Prestige Diagnostics UK

are a leading manufacturer of

2019-nCoV Coronavirus Tests and Analysers

  • 10 minute Rapid Tests

  • Lyophilised PCR Kits

  • Nasal and Throat Swabs with Containers

  • DNA / RNA, Magnetic Bead Extraction Kits

  • ELISA Assays

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It has come to our attention that unscrupulous manufacturers / wholesalers from CHINA have been plagiarising Prestige Diagnostics range of COVID-19 Rapid Tests and passing them on as genuine. 

Caution: these tests are not genuine Prestige Diagnostics U.K. products and may give false results.

If you suspect you have purchased fake Rapid Tests using the Prestige Diagnostics brand :- 


If you wish to check who your nearest official distributor is: -  



Prestige Diagnostics UK has recently launched it's new, high-quality range of 2019-nCoV Coronavirus Rapid Test devices, ELISA Assays, PCR Kits and Single Specimen Containers.


Our Research and Development Team have worked hard to deliver this new, 10-minute fast-responsive test that offers accurate results every time.

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from ordering your 2019-nCoV

Rapid Test Devices, ELISA Assay, PCR Kits & Single Specimen Containers 

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Prestige Diagnostics PCR6000 Analyser

PCR Nucleic Acid Detection Analyser

Prestige Diagnostics Phototron Clinical Chemistry Analyser

Semi-Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser

Prestige Diagnostics Autotron 120 Clinical Chemistry Analyser

Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser

Prestige Diagnostics H20 HbA1c Analyser

HbA1c analyser

Prestige Diagnostics Microread Elisa Reader

ELISA Reader

Prestige Diagnostics Turbolyte Coagulation Analyser

Single Channel Coagulation Analyser

Hematron 3 Plus.JPG

3-part Differential Haematology Analyser

Prestige Diagnostics Fastep Hb Strip-based Hemoglobinometer



Prestige Diagnostics Nefletron Nephelometric Specific Protein Analyser

Nephelometric Specific Protein Analyser

PD MagXtractor  MX48.PNG

Automatic Nucleic

Acid Extractor

Prestige Diagnostics Autotron 240 Clinical Chemistry Analyser

Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser

Prestige Diagnostics Autotron 420 ISE Clinical Chemistry Analyser

Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser

Prestige Diagnostics Microwash Elisa Washer

ELISA Washer

Prestige Diagnostics Turboclot Coagulation Analyser

Fully Automated
Coagulation Analyser

Prestige Diagnostics Hematron 5+ Haematology Analyser

5-part Differential Haematology Analyser

Prestige Diagnostics Hematron 5+ Haematology Analyser

Fully Automated 5 Part Diff Haematology Analyser

Prestige Diagnostics Lab Technician


Prestige Diagnostics UK are a primary manufacturer of IVD reagents in the areas of Blood Grouping, Clinical Chemistry, Quality Controls and Calibrators, Coagulation, ELISA, Febrile Antigens, Latex Serology, Syphilis assays, Rapid tests and Urine strips.


We work closely with our distributors to build relationships that are efficient, mutually productive and trustworthy. Prestige Diagnostics UK is an ISO 13485:2016 accredited organisation. 




Highest Quality Reagents:


Our reagents are of the highest quality, produced to international standards and cover many different techniques including colorimetric, UV and turbidimetric methods.


Our clinical chemistry portfolio is constantly reviewed and expanded to provide you with an increased choice of high quality, cost effective reagents and instruments. In addition we offer flexible pack sizes and a comprehensive list of analyser applications so that you can meet the needs of your customers.



Design & Development:


With our small team of highly qualified staff we are developing novel assays, calibrators & controls for the benefit of our distributors and end-users.





With a goal of providing complete systems support that includes Instruments, reagents and services, Prestige Diagnostics UK has a range of analysers in the areas of ELISA, Clinical Chemistry, Coagulation and HbA1c testing. Advantages of using instruments from Prestige Diagnostics UK are tailor made reagents, application and engineering support and compliance to quality standards.


Our aim is to develop long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships with our partners.




Globally Appointed
Head Office

Ballymena Business Centre, 
Co. Antrim, 
BT42 1FL, 
United Kingdom


Prestige Diagnostics operate in more than 89 countries worldwide. With our current expansion programme we are looking for reputable distributors who are interested in a long-term mutually beneficial partnership.


If you are interested in distributing our full range of products, we would like to hear from you.


To apply for a job with Prestige Diagnostics, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: +44 28 2564 2100